Commitment to Sustainable Development

Committed to the sustainable development model, meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, Perini Business Park offers the community a harmonious environment between nature and progress. Preservation of green areas, recovery of areas with new seedlings and respect for environmental legislation are part of the enterprise’s culture.
Of the 2.8 million m² of total area, 67200,000 m2 are reserved for Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) and remnant vegetation, where plants and small animals native to the region can ensure their subsistence. This differential offered by Perini Business Park is essential in the quest for sustainability by organizations.
Through Environmental Management, the enterprise values responsibility in applying administrative practices and methods to minimize the environmental impacts of economic activities on nature’s resources, aiming to be a benchmark to society. The company goes beyond the established legislative requirements. It continuously invests in environmental programs with the aim to minimize any possible negative impacts and potentialize positive activities performed by systemists companies, as well as the Park as a whole.
With this, Perini Business Park effectively and extensively develops environmental programs for sustainability, strongly allying itself with the awareness and commitment of companies located in the park, enabling Perini Business Park to sustain excellent results in its Environmental Management.

The Environmental Management area is also responsible for Internal Occupational Accident Prevention and Environment Week. The area coordinates the Organizing Committee, which is composed of several companies from the different segments installed in the Park. Activities, lectures and other actions last 5 days and it’s an event open to all Perini Business Park workers, service providers, students and users. Watch the video of the III Collective SIPATMA of Perini, held in August 2019.

Perini Business Park, besides meeting applicable legal requirements and being committed to the Environment, since 2013, has sought to assist systemists companies with regards to proper segregation and disposal of solid waste generated in the enterprise through the Selective Collection Program, thus ensuring that each waste stream is disposed of properly through recycling and new applicable technologies.

The word recycling is part of the enterprise’s entire structure. Recycling is more than just finding the right destination for waste. It’s thinking about the environment, the planet’s future and using technology to obtain resources that don’t harm the planet. The Selective Collection program serves all systemists companies and encourages the reuse of recyclable waste throughout the Park. Besides contributing to reducing the depletion of natural resources, the socio-economic role played by those who recycle is very important. New products, jobs and increased household income are created by those who reuse.

In 2012, the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was inaugurated in the Park, further strengthening the sustainable development commitment of both the enterprise and region where it’s located, aiming to continuously improve the services provided to its customers and meet legal requirements.

Currently, Perini Business Park treats 100% of the sanitary effluent of systemists companies, obtaining high efficiency results, with physical-chemical and biological treatment, as well as monitors through ecotoxicity analysis. Thus, through sanitary effluent treatment, the enterprise also contributes to improving the basic sanitation rate in Joinville and preserving natural water sources.

Concerned with contributing to issues related to environmental licensing, Perini Business Park carries out its activity with environmental responsibility and commitment. Also through Environmental Management, it aims to comply with current environmental laws and regulations, as well as provide on-going consultancy to systemists companies. Among the monitoring areas are environmental tracking of the enterprise’s implementation and operations such as: monitoring air quality, noise levels, water bodies, vegetation development in the Permanent Environmental Preservation Area – APP and remnant vegetation.

Complementarily, environmental monitoring is carried out in systemists companies, so as to ensure that all also meet the applicable environmental requirements through periodic audits, external inspections, control of companies’ environmental licenses (follow-up), continued environmental consulting, implementation of environmental sensitivity and awareness projects, among other actions that effectively guarantee the enterprise’s environmental commitment and compliance.

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Environmental Education Center

The Fabio Perini Environmental Education Center (NEA) is an initiative of Perini Business Park’s Environmental Education Program that aspires to disseminate knowledge about the environment, providing visitors with direct contact with nature and raising awareness of sustainable development. NEA also shares good Environmental Management practices applied in the enterprise and establishes valuable contacts with schools, neighboring communities and systemists and external companies.

NEA has an extensive infrastructure which includes an auditorium for lectures, environmental training and workshops, ecological trails, native seedling nursery and organic garden, bringing the opportunity to reflect on local and regional environmental issues and exchange experiences on the environment.

Since 2012, the Environmental Education Center has received students from schools in the Joinville region and neighboring municipalities, offering them the opportunity to take guided tours on the ecological trails, which provide them with learning continuity beyond the classroom, linking theory to practice and enabling greater involvement with the environment in which they live. The same is practiced for the general community, companies and universities, by prior appointment, with contact via email.
As an integral part of NEA’s programs, the Perini Business Park’s Red-howler Monkey Conservation Program (PCBR) was inaugurated in 2014, which signed a technical-scientific cooperation agreement with the Blumenau Regional University Foundation (FURB). The program includes several targets, ranging from the study of their health to knowledge of their habitat, in order to promote the conservation of the Alouatta clamitans (Red-howler Monkey) species, which is classified as vulnerable to extinction and inhabits the enterprise’s green areas.





Perini Business Park opens its doors to receive visitors on the interpretive trails especially designed for environmental education. totaling 980 meters, two hiking trail choices are offered – Gato-do-Mato Trail (with 340m) and Bacupari Trail (with 920m) – in the midst of a total area of over 34 thousand square meters of native forest that includes multiple variations of tree and animal species.

Visitation to trails is limited, accompanied by a trained guide and coordinated by the Condominium Management.