About Us


Perini Business Park is South America’s largest multi-sectoral business park. With more than 2.8 million square meters of land, 350,000 m² of built area, it’s located in Joinville’s Industrial District, in the northeastern region of Santa Catarina.
Perini houses more than 240 small, medium and large national and multinational companies. Various global market leaders are installed in the Park, where close to 10,000 people circulate daily.
Businesses installed in the Park include companies from the metal-mechanical, plastic, automotive, agribusiness, construction, electronic, electrical, chemical, logistics, metallurgical, financial, commercial and service sectors. And together generate an annual wealth of R$5.2 billion, a figure which corresponds to 21% of Joinville’s GDP and 2% of Santa Catarina state’s GDP.


Provide customers a complete service management structure, bringing convenience and allowing customers to be exclusively dedicated to their own business’ activities.


Be a reference as a multi-sectoral business park, recognized for its structure, quality and performance of the services provided and managed.

Quality Policy

Ensure customer satisfaction through the services provided, with ethics, commitment and responsibility, serving with quality, constantly seeking, through dedication and effort, continuous improvement of all our procedures.


Customer Commitment

We value our customers and strive to meet their needs through services that we are proud of.


We build relationships based on personal and professional respect, providing support and security to all those with whom we relate.

Dedication and Teamwork

Our management is based on continuous improvement, encouraging integration, effort and contribution from our entire team to achieve results. We maintain a prudent attitude that guides us toward growth with a spirit of self-criticism and awareness in our strengths and weaknesses.


Consolidate trust in work relationships and strengthen team spirit. Share experiences and knowledge so everyone grows, because together, we are stronger.


In addressing the problem-solving process, meeting deadlines, recognizing the need to ensure on-going employee training, continuously perfecting our services and adopting innovative techniques.

Respect for employees

We believe in people and in their ability to learn, evolve and develop through education, work and self-effort. People are the great differential of an organization – they make everything possible.

Respect for the environment

That’s what gives us the perspective of tomorrow! We value nature and believe that “There is an order in the universe” and that all of us, in a way, are the guardians responsible for this balance.

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