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Perini Business Park is South America’s largest multi-sectoral business park with more than 2.8 million square meters of land, located in Joinville’s Industrial District, in the northeastern region of Santa Catarina.

Perini houses hundreds of small, medium and large national and multinational companies. Various global market leaders are installed in the Park. 

Installed businesses include companies from the metal-mechanical, plastic, automotive, agribusiness, construction, electronic, electrical, chemical, logistics, metallurgical, financial, commercial and service sectors.

With 140,000 m², Ágora Tech Park is an interactive, collaborative and sustainable environment designed to potentialize connections between innovation and technology ecosystem players.

The first building has 7,000 m² of built area, with meeting rooms, relaxation rooms, networking spaces and event venues as well as flexible-sized rental environments.

The space is suitable to host accelerators, co-workings, incubators, startups, research centers, agencies, investors, technology-based companies and services.

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President of the Ágora Science and Technology Institute, Emerson Edel, participated in the NSC Tech program – NSC’s technology portal. The recordings, taped at the

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