Our infrastructure

Perini Business Park’s inner avenues are paved and tree-lined featuring hundreds of parking vacancies along them. Maintenance, conservation, cleaning, gardening and selective garbage collection services are incorporated in the park’s routine. The condominium also offers a road weighing station.

In order to make mobility within the enterprise easier, there is an internal bus service running along the park’s main avenues, in addition to direct lines integrated with Joinville’s urban transport system. Perini Business Park’s condominium fare, which besides being one of the lowest in Brazil, also includes property insurance as well as training costs for the volunteer firefighting brigade in order to prevent and extinguish fires.

Installing your company in the Perini Business Park means keeping your focus on your business, allowing the condominium to manage the various shared activities of the installed companies, adopting a functional model with world-class quality.

Advantages of the Perini Business Park

Corporate area: the park features dedicated rooms to offices and services operations with complete infrastructure and customized areas as to company’s needs.

Space optimization: the available sheds feature ceiling height options of 6 and 8.5 (19,69 ft and 27,89 ft) meters.

Load capacity: the warehouse floors are built according to the needs of each client, keeping the minimum resistance standard of 3 tons per square meter. Most modules are designed to receive overhead cranes capable of moving loads of up to 30 tons.

Energy savings: industrial buildings, with Shed-type metal roofing, provide excellent levels of natural lighting even on cloudy days. Electric power in modules of 1,600 m² (17,222 SF) are able to operate at low voltage (380 V three-phase), medium voltage (138 KV) and high voltage (138 KV).

Thermal and acoustic comfort: the exterior facade of the building is a combination of precast concrete panels featuring internal thermoacoustic insulation. The double metal roof system also provides ventilation and thermal insulation.

Road scale

At the Cargo Gate there is a road scale for 100 tons (220.462,26 lb). Its use can be made by both; companies hosted by the park as well as external companies. The weighing outcome is forwarded right away to the email registered by the company.


There are more than 2,000 parking vacancies inside the Perini Business Park


Perini Business Park is monitored 24 hours a day by 75 cameras located throughout the park. Approximately 50 people are directly involved in monitoring.

Property safety

All buildings are covered by property insurance, and because it is a single insurance policy, the final cost for the tenant becomes much cheaper.

Wastewater treatment

The park treats 100% of its sanitary effluent through its own ETE (wastewater treatment station) inaugurated in 2012. The station was built thinking of park expansion and has the capability to treat 543m³ (19175 ft³) of effluents daily.


From Monday to Friday, from 6:15 am to 6:15 pm, an internal bus system runs throughout the park in order to make people’s circulation inside the park easier and it is free of charge. See here the updated schedules.

Gastronomic options

The park offers a diversified food option such as buffet, bakery, snacks, Japanese food, etc. You can check the updated list in our Services Guide.

Building maintenance

The specialized Building Maintenance team is focused on the maintenance and conservation of buildings as well as shared areas.


Perini Business Park counts on a Service Guide gathering information on all different segment operations installed in the park. Check it out by clicking here.