The Perini Business Park

Conceptualized as the largest multi-sector business park in South America, the Perini Business Park has more than 2.8 million m² (30138949 SF) of land and 325,000 m² (3498270 SF) of built area. It is located in the Industrial District of the city of Joinville, in Northern Santa Catarina State.

Perini hosts more than 290 national and multinational companies, ranging from small to large ones. Several global market leaders are installed in the park, where roughly 10,000 people circulate daily.

Businesses installed in the park comprise companies belonging to a wide range of segments, such as metal-mechanic, plastic, automotive, agribusiness, construction, electronics, chemical, logistics, metallurgical, financial, commercial and services. Altogether, these companies generate an annual wealth of about US$ 1.2 billion, an amount corresponding to 20% of Joinville City’s GDP and 2% of Santa Catarina State’s GDP.

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We are guided by our values

Mission, vision and values


Be the environment providing the best experience for people as well as businesses.


Be a reference as a multisector business park, acknowledged for its structure, quality and performance of services provided and management.

Quality policy

Ensure customer satisfaction through services provided with ethics, commitment and responsibility, serving with quality and constantly seeking continuous improvement through dedication and effort of all our procedures.



We do what is right. We act ethically in accordance with the principles christening Perini Group.


We seek generating a positive impact on society, environment as well as economy.


We are driven by people and for people.


We develop solutions generating value for people and businesses.


We are aware of our actions. We deliver what we promise.


We do our best, being sure there is always something else to be improved.