Política de Privacidade

Perini Business Park

GRUPO PERINI is committed to ensuring the privacy of employees, partners, suppliers, customers and third parties, guided by ethics and responsibility towards people and the sustainability that characterize its business activities. All employees of Group companies are committed to observing data protection in their activities and ensuring respect for privacy and individual rights.

This Privacy Notice informs how personal data are processed by the companies that make up GRUPO PERINI, namely:

  • PERVILLE ENGENHARIA E EMPREENDIMENTOS LTDA., inscrita no CNPJ/MF sob nº 75.491.613/0001-78, com sede na Rua Dona Francisca, nº 8300, Distrito Industrial, Bloco Z, CEP 89219-600, no município de Joinville, SC.
  • PERVILLE ENGENHARIA E EMPREENDIMENTOS LTDA., inscrita no CNPJ/MF sob nº 75.491.613/0005-00, com sede na Rua Dona Francisca, nº 8300, Distrito Industrial, Bloco Z, CEP 89219-600, no município de Joinville, SC.
  • CONDOMÍNIO PERINI BUSINESS PARK inscrita no CNPJ/MF sob nº 05.600.443/0001-37 com sede na Rua Dona Francisca, nº 8300, Distrito Industrial, CEP 89219-600, no município de Joinville, SC.
  • ÁGORA TECH PARK inscrita no CNPJ/MF sob nº 113.601/001-60 com sede na Rua Dona Francisca, nº 8300, Distrito Industrial, CEP 89219-600, no município de Joinville, SC.

If you need additional information or answer any questions, we are available for clarification by email:


1. What personal data do we collect?


We collect personal data necessary for the registration and identification of our customers and their employees, such as identification data, contact data, commercial and professional information.


When we interact with potential customers or with individuals with whom we want to do business, we may collect personal contact data, such as full name, e-mail, telephone, business address and professional title.

Service Providers

To enable the negotiation, formalization and inspection of contracts, we may collect personal data from our service providers and their collaborators, such as identification information, contact data and professional qualification information.


We promote the collection of personal data necessary for the registration of employees in the systems and portals, and for the management of employment contracts, such as identification data, registration data, professional data and information necessary for the fulfillment of our labor obligations.

Navigation data

In addition to registration data, GRUPO PERINI declares to promote the collection of indirect personal data related to access to portals on the Internet, collected by the system itself without the necessary information by users, such as geolocation and IP address.

2. Processing of Sensitive Data

GRUPO PERINI will be able to process sensitive data for the management of its employment contracts and to perform some of its service management activities for clients.

The sensitive personal data processed are exclusively aimed at the execution of legitimate activities, and necessarily fall into at least one of the following hypotheses provided for by law:

  • protection of life or physical integrity of the holder or third parties;
  • guarantee of fraud prevention and the security of the holder, in the processes of identification and authentication of registration in electronic systems;
  • regular exercise of rights, including in contracts and in legal proceedings;
  • compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation by the controller;
3. Why do we need to collect this data?
  • Formation and management of Employment Contracts with employees, with subsequent registration in systems and portals to establish the contracting of benefits and comply with social security, labor and health obligations;
  • Candidate profile analysis to verify compliance with job vacancy requirements, in preliminary employment contract negotiations;
  • Execution of attributions relevant to the relationship with the client, such as formation and management of contractual instruments, documentation of activities and contacts, providing support or service to clients, entering into contractual amendments, promoting collections, renegotiating activities and financial pending items and evaluating credit;
  • Interaction with potential customers who are interested in establishing a contractual relationship with GRUPO PERINI, understanding the interest of the holder in presenting commercial options and initiating negotiations, in preliminary contract negotiations;
  • Establish criteria for identifying service providers for contracting and negotiating services and deliveries.
4. How is the data treated?

When collecting personal data, GRUPO PERINI employs adequate care to restrict access through technical and managerial information security controls. In addition to policies, procedures and management guidelines, GRUPO PERINI adopts information classification criteria and access permissions aimed at ensuring that personal data are accessed only by professionals who effectively need them to carry out some of the stated purposes of data processing.

5. With whom do we share the collected data?

The data processed by GRUPO PERINI are stored for use by interested internal areas and, in some cases, are shared with third parties (legal advice, accounting, property security services, health plan operators, public administration bodies, etc.) purposes stipulated in Brazilian legislation and/or contracts.

6. Information security management measures

GRUPO PERINI is committed to carrying out information security management measures that minimize risks related to incidents and data breaches. We have adopted security controls to restrict breaches related to collected data. In the various operations involving the processing of personal data, controls are applied such as logical (passwords), physical (controlled environments) and managerial (restriction of access by function) barriers, administrative preventive measures such as a commitment to confidentiality and technical tools for information security and responsive measures such as backup policy and incident response management plan.

7. How long do we keep data?

The data will only be processed for the time necessary to fulfill the stated purposes. The term of custody and treatment may vary according to the duration of contracts, legal or regulatory obligations, statute of limitations for exercising rights in judicial or administrative proceedings and interests in protecting the company’s industrial property.

We declare that in compliance with legal obligations established by Law n. 12.965/2014 (Marco Civil da Internet), GRUPO PERINI will keep for a minimum period of 6 (six months) all access records, set of information referring to the date and time of use of a certain Internet application from a certain IP adress. Data will be kept confidential, in a controlled and secure environment.

8. Use of Cookies

GRUPO PERINI declares that it uses cookies to improve the experience of its users on its platforms and pages on the Internet. Cookies are files sent and installed in the user’s browser. Cookies allow identification of IP address, referral source, browser type, duration of visit and pages visited. We use cookies from Google Doubleclick and Youtube. Access the Privacy Policy of each of them for more information:

Google Doubleclick – https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=pt#about

Youtube – https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=pt#about

9. What are your rights?

GRUPO PERINI guarantees that holders of personal data will comply with their rights established by law. Holders are guaranteed:

  1. the right to confirm the existence of the treatment;
  2. the right of access to data and information on the form of treatment;
  3. the right to rectify your data;
  4. the right to data portability, if applicable;
  5. the right to oppose the use of data for previously authorized purposes;
  6. the right to delete data, except for the maintenance of data necessary for the fulfillment of a legal duty and the exercise of the right of defense in judicial and/or administrative proceedings.
10. Disclaimer

GRUPO PERINI is not responsible for the negligence of the holder or for the malicious action of third parties, exempting itself from the duty to repair damages resulting from security incidents or data breaches resulting from intrusions, failures or vices, unless proven to have been caused by culpable conduct or by the PERINI GROUP itself.

11. Contact, questions and requests

GRUPO PERINI makes itself available to answer questions and respond to requests of any nature related to the processing of personal data and the terms of this privacy policy, by email:


Update date: December 1, 2020.